Неистовый (2020)

There is nothing more dangerous than a person brought to a boiling point. Especially if life has treated him unfairly and now he has nothing to lose. This is how the driver of the car turns out to be, with whom an ordinary single mother quarreled on the road, not suspecting that she had made herself a ruthless enemy. Now he will not stop until he teaches a terrible lesson to his victim and to all who are dear to her. The woman and her son have no choice but to try to survive in this fast-paced deadly game.

  • Название: Unhinged
  • Год выхода: 2020
  • Режиссер: Деррик Борте
  • Страна: США
  • Перевод: на русском языке
  • Качество: 720 - 1080
  • 7.0
  • Актеры: Рассел Кроу, Джимми Симпсон, Гэбриел Бейтман, Карен Писториус, Энн Мари Лейтон, Сильвия Грэйс Крим, Майкл Пападжон, Люси Фауст, Остин П. МакКензи, Грегори Хобсон
  • Жанр: Триллеры / Фильмы

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